Electric Depot’s Sweet Society offers Asian-inspired ice cream, teas & more

Sweet Society is known for its sweet treats, but it's also offers a wide variety of delicious teas and more

Baton Rouge dessert shop Sweet Society is revamping the traditional ice cream concept with some Asian-inspired roots.

“Our ice cream is a Japanese and Korean fusion,” said Sweet Society co-manager Karen Vong. “It is a dessert that we kind of learned to appreciate and enjoy during our travels, and we wanted to bring something like that back to Baton Rouge.”

The milk-based ice cream is made in-house and incorporates different Asian flavors such as coconut leaves and Japanese yams.

“Ube is our number one seller,” said Vong. “It’s a sweet potato that is purple that we make. People always go, ‘I don’t want a sweet potato ice cream,’ but when they try it, it is a very good vanilla like flavor.”

Each soft served ice cream swirl is completed with a homemade fish-shaped pastry. 

Dole Whip Pinepple Taiyaki Ice Cream 

“Taiyaki in Japanese means like a fish pastry and pairing it with ice cream is the ultimate dessert,” said Vong.

Guests can even order a customized Taiyaki filled with Nutella, a homemade Japanese custard, cheese or even a sweet Asian red bean spread.

“Red bean is an adventurous thing in Asia,” said Vong. “Red bean is one of the components of a lot of the desserts, so introducing that to the community has been very give or take to the community.”

Although Sweet Society is known for its sweet treats, it’s also offers a wide variety of delicious teas.

“Our most popular is our cosmic strawberry lemonade,” said Vong. “It’s fresh muddled strawberry, fresh lemonade on top of butterfly tea that when you mix it all together it turns to pink and purple.”

Cosmic Strawberry Lemonade 

Sweet Society is located alongside its sister restaurant Boru Ramen in Electric Depot, off Government Street. Together they are serving up some authentic Asian cuisine, so here’s a pro tip — indulge in some ramen over at Boru, then settle your sweet tooth with some Sweet Society.

“We enjoyed the flavors that they had over in Asia and a lot of Asian Americans over here are craving that flavor and Americans over here are wanting to try that flavor,” said Vong.

Expect to try tons of Asian-inspired ice cream flavors because Sweets Society’s menu rotates every two to three weeks.  To learn more about Sweet Society, click here.