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Eat a dog, bring a dog at Frankie’s Dawg House on Cedardale Ave.

A sausage in a bun. It’s such a simple idea that turned into one of the most debated food items with a slew of variations. If you want to take a crack at just a few hot dog options, check out Frankie’s Dawg House.

Now, I’m not trying to get into the heated discussion of “Is a hot dog a sandwich or not?” – which, according to Merriam-Webster, it IS a sandwich. But, I am willing to get into a conversation about this gourmet dog spot on Cedardale Avenue in Baton Rouge. 

This is the quirkiest hot dog shop I’ve ever been to. I mean, I haven’t been to many hot dog shops, but Frankie’s certainly is the coolest.

This small shop is split up into a few different rooms. When you first walk in, you think there is no space to sit. The front room is a tight squeeze that’s just big enough to hold the order counter, a grill, a mini fridge and a lemonade container. But, after you walk past the counter, you walk into another small room with a bar – yes, a bar for cocktails, wine and frozen drinks. Then, you walk through a door to find a spacious indoor/outdoor patio. Finally, there’s another door leading to a completely outdoor dining space. Seriously, this place stretches out. 

Strawberry lemonade pitcher.
Bar room with a wine selection.
Seating on the walled-in patio.
More seating on the walled-in patio.

With such a variety of seating options, this seems like the right spot to relax and chat with friends. Smalls groups and large groups would probably fit in here fine. There are even TV screens and big outdoor fans to keep you comfortable.

Of course, the menu options are interesting, too. 

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At the front counter, the line moved pretty quickly. Directly behind the cashier, you see the team getting to work over the hot grill. 

I went with a couple of coworkers to see the place on National Hot Dog day (July 17, 2019). They ordered the “Chuck Norris” and the “Lobster Dawg” with a side of mac and cheese, a lemonade and a Peace Tea. We took our seats at the table on the indoor/outdoor patio. Just a few minutes later, the front counter cashier brought out the dogs. 

(Left) The Lobster Dawg, mac & cheese (Right) the Chuck Norris.

Don’t expect to look beautiful diving into these things. These are gourmet hot dogs. They are topped with fresh and messy ingredients. You just bite and grab a handful of napkins afterwards. With a mouthful of goodness, both of my coworkers seemed pretty pleased with their choices. Before they finished, they were already talking about which dogs to come back and try.

Like I said, there are so many hot dog variations. Not all are the same.  

Something you’ll notice about this place is that there are dogs everywhere – the wall, the floor, the tabletops. There is a consistent theme of dogs, like “man’s best friend” kind of dogs, spread throughout the space. As a fur-real dog-lover, I was totally a fan of the decor. It seems fitting that the place is also dog friendly. You can order a dog, bring your dog and look at dogs. 

There is more to this place that we didn’t even get to try, like the other sandwich options and dessert items. 

If you’re looking for a cool place to hang out and dig into some finger food, this could be your new spot. Frankie’s Dawg House is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. Find it here, but be warned, parking is a little limited. Carpooling or bike riding might be a good idea.