Dr. Pepper just dropped a dark berry flavor!

On April Fools Day Dr. Pepper’s official Instagram account posted a picture with the date May 1st on it.  The caption read, “This date seems… important 🤔.”

Assuming this was no joke, it’s safe to say the doctor of 23 flavors has a new drink on the way…And the date is getting close!


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Dark Berry Dr. Pepper: May 1, 2019 Spider-man: Far From Home: July 5, 2019 (USA) #drpepper #spidermanfarfromhome #fanxspring19 #marvel #darkberrydrpepper #drpeppermysteryflavor

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This new cherry flavor isn’t an entirely new venture for Dr. Pepper. The brand has Dr. Pepper Cherry and Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla already, but the Dark Berry variety will give Marvel fans some excitement.

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That’s becasue the packaging features the Spider-Man: Far From Home film. That movie doesn’t get into theaters until July 5, but we may get a chance to get some of this limited-edition Dr. Pepper flavor way sooner.

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