‘Dead Poet’ bar set to open near LSU’s campus

Mural by Ellen Ogden.

A new bar aiming to pay homage to modern-day poets and their lyrics will open its doors on Friday, December 7.

Dead Poet is a beer and cocktail bar located at 623 E. Boyd Dr., walking distance from the LSU campus.

“We’re really excited about being able to contribute to Baton Rouge’s music and art scene. Whether is through poetry or music, to be able to celebrate great art, lyricists and comedians so close to an institution of higher learning is golden,” Remi DeMatteo, one of the business partners, said.

The Dead Poet bar concept was inspired by artists and musicians that have redefined popular culture. “We were thinking about modern day poets and amazing lyricists. Someone mentioned Kurt Cobain and from there a light bulb went off,” DeMatteo said.

Local artist Ellen Ogden was brought in to create murals of some these artists, who range from Edgar Allen Poe to Queen’s Freddie Mercury, to define the bar’s ambiance.

All of the three business partners have backgrounds in bar and venue development, including Howard (Rusty) White, who co-owns The Bulldog and Velvet Cactus in Baton Rouge and Wrong Iron in New Orleans; Chuck Brechtel, who co-owns Vessel and The Bulldog in Baton Rouge; and Remi DeMatteo, founder of Eiffel Society and Republic in New Orleans, and a restaurant called Hostel. Prior to Dead Poet, Remi also opened Hayride Scandal, a whiskey and cocktail bar.