Sit down with a daiquiri at the Tiger Paw

Amanda Kitch sits down at the Tiger Paw's bar on Coursey Boulevard to sample their daiquiri lineup.

Sometimes you don’t need to drive into downtown to find a cozy sports bar. Sometimes that bar is right in your neighborhood with a tasty lineup of daiquiris, like The Tiger Paw.

While you can get their secret recipe daiquiris year-round, it just feels right to drink them during the summer. A little buzz and refresher helps beat the heat. Plus, the bar serves up freshly boiled crawfish every weekend until the season dries up, which is around the end of June or early August. 

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Here is Tiger Paw’s daiquiri lineup: 

  • Frozen Margarita made with tequila (I didn’t get to try this one, sadly)
  • Pina Colada made with rum 
  • The Bundy made with whisky and Coke
  • Vladimir Pawtin (White Russian) made with vodka
  • Pawberry Daiquiri (strawberry) made with rum and Everclear 190
  • Peach Mango made with rum
  • The Paw made with vodka, rum, gin, tequila and Everclear 190 
  • The Tiger made with vodka, rum, gin, tequila and Everclear 190

Truly, my favorite is the Peach Mango. However, the bartender can mix flavors for you, too! The Pina Colada mixed with the Peach Mango was quite tasty, as well. 

Chelsea Bourque, the bar manager, told me that the spot’s most popular flavors are the Paw and the Tiger. Also, these are the strongest of the bunch. She told me that people like mixing these two together. 

If you can’t decide which flavor to buy, ask for a sample. They are free! Chelsea and the rest of the staff are friendly, so they will help you find the right drink.  

Once you decide which daiquiri you want, you can pick from three sizes: medium 20 oz ($6), large 32 oz ($8) and extra large 44 oz ($10). You can also buy take home half gallons ($14) and gallons ($28). 

This bar has been here for about 13 years under different owners and names. But, if you haven’t been yet, don’t feel too far out of the loop. Of course, there is no time like the present, so stop by for a daiquiri and game of pool now. 

You can find these guys on Coursey Boulevard in the Lacoursey Plaza. They are open seven days a week starting at 11:00 am. They normally close at 2:00 am, except on Sundays when they close at midnight.