Crumbl Cookies opens first Louisiana location in Baton Rouge

Crumbl Cookies offers over 100 different flavors

Franchise cookie company Crumbl Cookies has officially made its way to Louisiana, and it’s first location is settling right here in Baton Rouge.

“Louisiana, you know, laissez les bons temps rouler,” said Crumbl franchise owner Justin Walbom. “It’s just a great place, good food all around and we are just happy to bring the best cookies in the world to Baton Rouge.”

Crumbl is known for its rotating weekly menu featuring six cookies.

“We do have a staple, the milk chocolate chip stays on the menu every week,” said Walbom. “The other five flavors will rotate weekly. The chilled sugar comes back fairly often, and the favorites come back a little more frequently.”

But if you stumble upon a cookie you just can’t live without, buy it in bulk because it might be a while until you see it again.

“You’ve got to stay on top of the menu because they come and go,” said Walbom. “Stock up on it, and fill the freezer. They actually do freeze quite well.”

The menu offers some delicious classic flavors like warm oatmeal and the ultimate peanut butter cookie, but sometimes you can find some creative ones including a sour patch kids or cornbread. 

“Some of them you are just like wow how did you even come up with this,” said Walbom. “The lucky charms cookie, it is phenomenal, but it only comes around like once a year around st. Patricks day that was the last time it was on the menu.”

Courtesy of Crumbl Cookies Instagram

From the frosting to the cookies, everything at Crumbl is made from scratch. Weekly menus are uploaded to the Crumbl app every Sunday at 5 p.m. 

To learn more about Crumbl Cookies, click here.