Your Cheat Sheet to the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair 2019

The annual Greater Baton Rouge State Fair begins October 24 and finishes up on November 3. With so much happening over the span of the fair, we've created an easy go-to guide to help you navigate all the fun!

Here you'll find the fair map, list of food vendors, musicians and daily entertainment all in one place.

Check it out before you head out the door. Or, keep this handy on your phone for quick reference.

Photo Courtesy: Greater Baton Rouge State Fair

Basic Info

The fair is located at 16072 Airline Hwy. The gates open at 5:00 pm during the week and at 12:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The festivities close at 10:00 pm every day. 

Admission for anyone taller than 48″ is $5.00 on Mon, Tues, Wed and both Thurs. It’s $10.00 per guest on Fri, Sat and Sun.
Anyone under 48″ tall gets in for free.

Buy your tickets here.

Also, learn how to navigate the fairgrounds with this map. Right click and open in new tab to enlarge. 

Photo Courtesy: Greater Baton Rouge State Fair

Learn more about general information here.

Photo Courtesy: Greater Baton Rouge State Fair

The Rides

There are over 40 rides that you can enjoy at the festival!

Anyone who rides the rides must have either individual coupons or a ride wristband. Wristbands may be purchased on the midway for $25.00 for unlimited rides. Ride coupons are $1.00 each. And, the number of coupons needed varies from ride to ride.

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See more about daily attractions, like a thrill show, here.

Photo Courtesy: Greater Baton Rouge State Fair

Petting Zoo

This isn’t your normal petting zoo. With Noah’s Way Exotic Petting Zoo around, expect to see quite a few animals you don’t encounter on a regular basis. 

See creatures like deer, antelope, kangaroos, wallabies, llamas, alpacas, sheep, camel and exotic cattle. Plus, find mini goats, horses and occasionally a zebra, baby bison, yak or even a tortoise.

It may sound weird, but yes, all of the animals are fairly friendly. They were raised by hand and love interaction. 

See more about Noah's animals here.

Photo Courtesy: Greater Baton Rouge State Fair

Racing Pigs

Speaking of freaky animals, you have to see Swifty Swine Racing and Swimming Pigs. They are some of the fastest pigs around!

These little piggies spend their youth at the racetrack, but never fail to bring home the bacon. The Swifty Swine Racing Pigs  race around a 150 inch oval track at 15 mph. They do all of this for an Oreo cookie! The swiftest swine gets the cookie. The losers eat the winner’s dust. 

Actually, these piggies travel around the country racing for cookies. They travel 11 months a year and appear before millions of people. So, catch a glimpse of the race before they’re gone. 

Read more about the swift piggies.

Photo Courtesy: Greater Baton Rouge State Fair

Live Music

Unwind with a funnel cake and jam to some tunes.

Every day of the festival there will be live music entertainment. Click the link below to see the full schedule of musical acts coming to the fair!

See who is performing and when.

Photo Courtesy: Greater Baton Rouge State Fair

Fair Food

Fair food is a classic indulgence when visiting the fair. And what is a Louisiana fair without cracklins?!

Try cracklins, lemonade, funnel cake, nachos, rolled ice cream and more at the Greater Baton Rouge Fair. Come hungry, but stay hydrated. 

Check out the vendor line up here.

Visit the fairgrounds for family-friendly fun at the end of October and in early November. It's a great place to meet old friends and make new memories.