Carnival is over, Lent is here and the meatless Friday tradition begins

Roux 61 showed us how they do meatless Fridays during Lent. The Crawfish App was there to help, too.

Carnival is over, lent is here and the meatless Fridays tradition begins.

“It’s part of our culture,” said Joshua Hebert, Executive Chef and General Manager at Roux 61. “It’s part of… you know everybody says ‘Oh Lent is coming and the Catholics are eating fish on Friday, now.’”

Seafood takes the spotlight on the Fridays leading up to Easter. And when you think of seafood in Louisiana you usually think of… crawfish! 

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“Lent is the Superbowl of crawfish season,” said Laney King, co-owner of The Crawfish App.

You can imagine a free app all about where to find the cheapest and best crawfish is busy this time of year.

“Right now – February and March—we are in the peak traffic of the app,” said King.

Now, at restaurants like Roux 61, seafood is constantly rushing out of the kitchen and to the tables. But on a day like today, the first meatless Friday of the Lent season, Roux 61 will boil up about 1,300 pounds of crawfish.

Hebert says Roux 61 prepares for lent weeks in advance – making sure they get the best product from their fishermen. Because, of course, crawfish isn’t your only option.

“We have our char-grilled oysters, fresh catfish every day, fresh crawfish every day. Shrimp poboys, oyster poboys,” said Hebert.

So, you get the point. Hebert says that seafood on Fridays is a tradition ingrained in our blood. He goes meatless on Fridays much like his family did.

“My grandparents never ate meat on Fridays just because they were very very devoted to their faith. So they never ate meat on Fridays, “ said Hebert.

It’s a southern religious tradition that pairs well with the gulf’s seafood harvest.

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