Bring the whole family to OLOL Children’s Hospital Amazing Half Marathon

The competition looks tough for the fifth annual Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital Amazing Half Marathon.

It is bound to be an ‘Amazing’ weekend, kicking off bright and early Saturday morning in downtown Baton Rouge. And it is all for the fifth annual Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital Amazing Half Marathon.

Racers of all ages gear up at the packet pick up… and the competition looks tough!

Rebecca Alcala was there picking up a packet for her seven-year old son.

“This is his first extra circular type of activity and he likes knowing it’s healthy for him,” said Alcala.

And I’m sure mom likes that it helps gets to run his energy out, too. She said this is his second race this year.

Michael Wattigny, the event’s director, hopes others kids follow in his steps.

“There are so many distractions that kids have nowadays—TV, video games, everybody’s got an iPhone—but we want to get them out,” said Wattigny. 

He wants to get kids to fall in love with running. To him, it’s about teaching a healthier lifestyle.

“Not just about building ‘amazing,’ but keeping kids amazing,” added Wattigny. 

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And the Amazing Half Marathon does that by bringing parents and kids together for a 5K, a regular and mini marathon and even a 1-mile fun run.

“It’s not just mom and dad are active, this is the way mom and dad live. This is the healthy lifestyle we have.”

Of course, it’s never too late to change your lifestyle. 

“I’m actually pretty new to running, but it’s a feeling of accomplishment,” said Quynh Doan, a race participant. 

The marathon organizers hope to help get you there, too. It all starts with just getting outside.

Now, the event is scheduled to happen on North Boulevard from 5:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. You can expect road closures and canceled bus stops in the are. Here is a map of the half marathon’s route: 

Map courtesy of OLOL Children’s Hospital

And here are the scheduled bus cancellations according to CATS:

The following routes will have canceled stops:
From the beginning of the day until 12 noon
Routes 47 (Highland Road) & 14 (Thomas Delpit)

Canceled stops include:
1421 S Eugene @ Government N
1364 S Eugene @ Oleander S
1420 S Eugene @ Oleander N
1365 S Eugene @ McGrath S
1419 S Eugene @McGrath N
1366 S Eugene @ Myrtle S
1367 S Eugene @ Kleinert S
1418 S Eugene @ Kleinert N
1368 Terrace @ S Eugene S
1417 Terrance @ Eugene E
1369 Terrace @ St Rose W
1370 Terrace @ Drehr W
1371 Terrace @ Camelia W
1372 Terrace @ Perkins W
1415 Terrace @ Perkins E
1373 Terrace @ Park W
1414 Terrace @ Park E
1413 Terrace @ S 18th E
1374 Terrace @ S 17th W
1375 Terrace @ S 15th W
1376 Terrace @ S 14th W
1377 Terrace @ Eddie Robinson W

Route 22 (Winbourne)
2141 St Ferdinand @ Government S
1248 St Ferdinand @ Louisiana S 

From the beginning of the day until 2 pm
Routes 11 (Northside Circulator), 54  (Airline Hwy), 70 (Baker)

All Southern campus stops will be canceled 
2884 Farm Rd @ F St E
1206 Harding @ Mini Dome E
1204 Harding Blvd @ Elton C Harrison E
2342 Harding Blvd @ Elton C Harrison W
1092 Harding Blvd @ Mini Dome W
2341 Harding Blvd @ Southern Credit Union
1205 Harding Blvd @ Teacher’s Parents CU
2800 Jesse N Stone @ Roosevelt Steptoe S
1203 Leon Netterville @ Comptroller Office S
2881 Leon Netterville @ James J Prestage 
2882 Leon Netterville @ Roosevelt Steptoe N
2883 Roosevelt Steptoe @ Farm Rd E
1245 Swan @ Isabel Herson W
1202 Swan @ Leon Netterville E
2696 Mini Dome Outer Ring @ Swan Ave E
2697 Mini Dome Outer Ring @ Swan Ave N