Bowfishing with Midnight Blue Charters

Ditch the rod and reel...pick up a bow and arrow!

Where to start?

Without a doubt bowfishing is one of the most unique and exhilarating ways to target the many species of fish in Louisiana waters. And it’s also the most challenging!

Source: Midnight Blue Bowfishing Charters

But in the grassy marshes off Louisiana Highway 1 in Leeville, Louisiana a charter captain by the name of Nick Cheramie has made bowfishing great for all who’ve stepped aboard his vessel.

Cheramie started Midnight Blue Bowfishing Charters just a few years ago, but he is no beginner when it comes to the vast acreage of hunting and fishing waters in Leeville.

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Book a trip.

Source: Midnight Blue Bowfishing

Midnight Blue Bowfishing is on the web, Facebook and Instagram.

But Captain Nick says the best way to get in contact with him is on his cell (985) 677-9407. The cost for a charter is pretty straight forward, $200 per person with a 4 person minimum and 6 person maximum.  That price includes the use of all their equipment for the night, plus fish cleaning and packing.  Tipping is not included in the cost, but I’ll just say if your trip is anything like ours you’ll be more than happy to pony up a few extra dollars.

Midnight Blue also offers lodging if you’re looking for a little rest after your night of bowfishing bliss.  And at $60 per person with a 4 person minimum it’s very affordable and the accommodations are top notch. Just take a look at the picture of the living room!


What do I need to bring?

A big enough ice chest to hold the redfish, black drum, sheepshead, garfish or freshwater catfish you can catch.  Oh yeah… drinks, snacks, bug spray and rain gear (just in case) are always a good idea to have with you on the boat.  And if you’re like me and you can’t go anywhere without a camera, bring it as well.  But it’s highly likely you’ll be having too much fun on the hunt that you’ll forget about taking pictures.

Source: Midnight Blue Bowfising

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What will I catch?

We targeted redfish on our trip, but the Leeville/Fourchon marsh is full of shootable species of fresh and saltwater fish.  (See list above)

The limit on redfish is 5 per person at a 16 inch minimum length, all the fish we saw were easily in the legal range to shoot.

Is it easy to hit a fish?

Source: Midnight Blue Bowfishing

I will say this…bowfishing is a great time.  But it is hard as hell to hit a moving target with a little arrow flying off your bow.  But Captain Nick and his deckhands are very good teachers and give you shooting lessons on the dock and in the boat right before you hit the first spot.  If you’re lucky enough to get on a trip with Cheramie, he’ll tell you the same thing he told us.  Pretend the fish has a tennis ball glued to its belly and aim directly for that tennis ball, more times than not you are going to make a clean shot and boat a keeper.

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