Boru Ramen offers authentic Japanese ramen right here in Baton Rouge

Japanese ramen consists of five elements; broths, sauces, noodles, oils and toppings

Take a trip to Electric Depot’s Boru Ramen, where you can find an authentic Japanese ramen experience.

“Everything is house made,” said Boru co-owner Patrick Wong. “We do not buy anything. Everything from the broth to the sauces to the noodles, we make by hand in house.”

After spending two months in Tokyo, learning the ins and outs of ramen, Wong saw an opportunity to bring the five elements of ramen back to Louisiana.

“Ramen consists of noodles, broth, tare, oil and toppings,” said Wong. “We imported a noodle machine straight from Tokyo, our broth takes about 30 hours topped with different types of flavored oils.”

Boru’s Rouge Chicken Paitan 

Different parts of Japan specialize in different types of ramen. You can experience two of those cuisines when dining at Boru. 

“We do the classic Hakata tonkotsu, and that’s the most popular in the U.S.,” said Wong. “We also do the shoyu ramen, and that’s the most popular in Tokyo. It’s more of a clear broth that doesn’t weigh you down, and it is bursting full of flavor.”


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You might also have an up-close look at how the noodles are made. 

“You get to see all the noodles being made in action,” said Wong. “It typically takes like two hours. You have to form the noodles and age it for an hour, then we get to the cutting process.”

Boru, deriving from the English word “bowl,”might be known for its ramen , but the menu also features rice bowls and other Japanese-inspired dishes.

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“Whenever i wanted ramen, i had to make it and i just wanted to share that with everybody,” said Wong. “There is nothing like it around here and i just wanted to bring Tokyo back home.”

Down the hall from Boru is its sister shop, Sweet Society. After indulging in a bowl of ramen, finish your night with Sweet Society’s Asian-inspired taiyaki ice cream.