BIGFISH: The fish are still biting despite cold water temperatures

Captain CT Williams explains why cold water fishing inshore is better than you might expect.

Captain CT Williams says you can still catch fish inshore despite cold water temperatures.

Sitting On The Dock

So, I just got my new boat for 2019 and I was really excited to go fishing for today’s report.

However, the problem was the keys stayed at the dealership even though the boat came home with me.

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Bumming A Ride

So, your pro tip for this week is one I’ve never shared before. It’s how to mooch a ride and go fishing with your friends.

I got a good fishing report from Captain Mike Gallo and I knew he only had one charter guest.

So, I promised a video of the day and a little TV time and the deal was done.

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Where To Go And What Bait To Use

We headed out of the Angling Adventures lodge in Slidell to the deeper waters of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet in Lake Borgne.

The first stop Martello’s Castle. We caught plenty of speckled trout using Berkley Gulp Shrimp.

Captain Mike says when the water is this cold, even subtle temperature changes make a difference.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Water Temperatures

I asked him what is your bottom temperature for speckled trout?

“I hate below 50 degrees. I can count on two fingers how many times I’ve caught speckled trout in water temperature below 50 degrees,” Mike Gallo said.

A few degrees will make big difference when it comes to the water temperature this time of year.

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So, whether you go on your own boat or bum a ride from a friend don’t let the cold water scare you a little bit from getting out and catching a few speckled trout.

Just watch the temperature and fish the warmest water you can.

That’s this week’s BIGFISH report, I’m Captain CT Williams for WAFB 9 News.


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