BIGFISH: Red Snapper season

The season is set and the Red Snapper are hungry! 


The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission voted on June 26 to close the current recreational red snapper season at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 8.

After the closure, the commission will monitor red snapper landings through the LA Creel survey and consider options for potential additional recreational harvest opportunities.

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The big fishing news this weekend is American Red Snapper is now open in Louisiana.

Red Snapper is one of the nation’s most popular fish to catch and eat. The season is set and the Red Snapper are hungry!

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Source: Captain CT Williams

What the new regulations for Red Snapper?

After a great deal of debate, controversy, and lobbying, the state of Louisiana is allowed to set and manage the Red Snapper season for both State and Federal waters.

The season will open on Friday, May 25 and will be open 7 days a week. Currently, no closing date has been set yet for the season.

We will likely see some adjustments to the schedule over the summer as state officials try to manage the number of pounds of fish caught.

Officials have indicated they would like to see the season stay open at least until labor day.

What that means is, if the numbers of fish being caught a are too high, the days open to fishing may only be on the weekend.

The limit is two per person and the minimum length is 16 inches.

While there are still some proposed Red Snapper regulations we need to keep an eye on, for the most part, that is good news.

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Where are the fish biting?

The better news is there is plenty of big red snapper and you don’t have to run too far offshore to find them.

On the east side of the Mississippi River, just about any rig from the Chandlery Islands to the Mississippi River, you can find in 50 feet of water or better has a great chance of holding snapper.

The deeper the better and the rigs just off of south and southwest pass of the Mississippi River will be stacked up with the great eating fish.

Source: Captain CT Williams
Source: Captain CT Williams

So plan a trip to hit the Specks and Reds early and then head out for some of the best fighting and excellent eating you can find anywhere.

That’s this week’s BIGFISH report. I’m Captain CT Williams for WAFB 9 News.


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