BIGFISH: Louisiana residents consider fishing essential during COVID-19 pandemic

Captain CT Willaims says many Louisiana residents are fishing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s no secret people are fishing

We all know that fishermen keep secrets when it comes to fishing. Their favorite bait, some technique they have for their jigging of popping cork, their go-to colors, and certainly, nobody talks about hot spots. 
So there should be no surprise when I tell you that one BIG secret during our coronavirus lockdown is that well frankly, a LOT of people are fishing. In fact, the local fishing stores and marinas are seeing more people fishing that they have in quite a few years.
Honestly, it makes sense. Some folks are still on the payroll while a business is shut down, some working from home and have more flexible hours, others well why sit home and worry if you can get out and go fishing. Besides with any luck, you can catch dinner.
The best news that fish are biting, from Cocodrie to the Mississippi River, great fishing reports are coming in from all over the state. The charter guides I work with are making great catches on a regular basis. 
However, overall charter fishing business (especially from the out of town perspective) is suffering just as much as any other business. And mean opportunity for you.
With so many people fishing common hot spots are often filled with anglers, so right now is a great time to hire a charter captain, and let the captain fight the traffic, while you fight the fish. 

That’s this week’s BIGFISH report, I’m Captain CT Williams for WAFB 9News. 


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