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BIGFISH: Lafitte is a hotbed for redfish

This weekend’s weather may be cool to some, but Captain CT Williams says it’s perfect for fishing.

Redfish is the theme of the season, and there’s no better place to fish right now than Lafitte.

If You’re Fishing For Redfish, There’s No Place Like Lafitte

Captain CT left out of Lafitte Harbor with Captain Lane Zimmer of Phil Robichaux Charters in search of some great fishing in the oil canals and areas west of Lafitte.

Lafitte is a hot bed for redfish
Lafitte is a hot bed for redfish (Source: Captain CT Williams)

Low water is key to the success of your fishing trip.

“We’re dealing with a lot of low water right now. Low water is actually helping us out a little bit. It’s driving a lot of these redfish out of the marsh ponds and into some of the deeper waters that we can get into. Kind of the same situation that we had today, where we had a couple of little drains coming out of the marsh. The redfish were sitting right in the deeper part of the water, right along the little grass lines.”

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Dead Shrimp
Dead Shrimp (Source: Captain CT Williams)

What Bait To Use

Captain CT recommends using dead shrimp. The shrimp CT was using wasn’t defrosted and he was still pulling in reds!

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Lafitte (Source: Captain CT Williams)

Where To Fish

Captain CT says with the cooler temperatures, the shrimp are becoming harder to find, so the redfish will be working the grass lines of the marsh.

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