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Baton Rouge Zoo now offering “Zooper Safe Birthday Parties”

The Baton Rouge Zoo is now offering “Zooper Safe Birthday Parties” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The zoo’s outdoor amenities provide a safe and exciting atmosphere while following state COVID guidelines. Guests can interact with animals, including tigers, giraffes, rhinos, alligators and more. 

Courtesy of BREC Baton Rouge Zoo 

Each birthday party package includes 

  • All day zoo access 
  • 1.5 hour party hosted under private pavilion (private restrooms/ceiling fans) 
  • A masked and gloved party host 
  • Animal themed decorations and tableware
  • Birthday cupcakes, ice cream and punch 
  • Individually wrapped take home crafts for each child 
  • Three animal ambassadors including armadillos, owls, tarantulas, tenrecs, snakes, hedgehogs, lizards, guinea pigs and more 

The Baton Rouge Zoo also offers a safari playground, L’aquarium de Louisiane and KidsZoo exhibits. To learn more, click here.