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Barn Hill Preserve, Yoga Rouge host Kangaroo Yoga to raise money for Australian fire relief

Stretch into your best downward facing dog alongside a baby kangaroo and support Australian fire relief. Barn Hill Preserve and Yoga Rouge team up to host kangaroo yoga, or Yoga “Roo,” to help raise money for rescue and recovery efforts in Australia. 

Photo courtesy of Barn Hill Preserve

Brush fires rage throughout Australia, displacing thousands of people and animals and destroying the country’s unique habitats. So, Gabe Ligon, owner of Barn Hill Preserve in Ethel, will soon travel to Australia to assist workers in caring for and rescuing wild animals.

However, not all of us can fly out to Australia to aid in these efforts.

That’s why Barn Hill Preserve and Yoga Rouge are bringing you a chance to help a little closer to home.

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They are hosting two one-hour yoga classes featuring Barn Hill baby kangaroos, or joeys. Yes, live little ‘roos will be hopping around during the sessions! The classes happen on Jan. 17 at 5:15 p.m. and Jan. 18 at 2:00 p.m. Each class costs $50 per person. 

Ligon says filling the two classes, one at his sanctuary in Ethel and the second at Energy Gym in Delaware, would raise around $5,000. All proceeds will go to bring milk and medical aid to the orphaned and injured kangaroos and joeys affected by the wildfires, according to Yoga Rouge’s website.

Kangaroo in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

Book your kangaroo yoga spot in one of the two Baton Rouge classes here

The classes take place at Yoga Rouge’s LSU/Nicholson location.