Amanda tried some keto-friendly menu options at Mestizo

Louisiana Weekend's Amanda Kitch tastes Mestizo's cauliflower bowl with a side of chicharrones and salsa.

I cannot get enough of Mestizo. With all locally sourced ingredients and freshly squeezed cocktail juices, the entire menu looks fresh and delicious. If you want Mexican food, but are on a diet, this is the place to go. 

“This, in essence, is true to authentic Mexican cuisine. Authentic Mexican cuisine is vegetarian, farm-to-table, has seafood and fresh ingredients. It’s all about being as local as possible,” said owner Jim Urdiales.

Owner of the 20-year-old restaurant said his food evolved into a cleaner type of cuisine over the years. However, his menu is still a flavorful blend of Mexican and Cajun French cuisine. 

Perfect for summer body preparations, the restaurant also offers keto-friendly options. These are basically low-carb and high-protein foods. 

But, don’t let these diet-friendly foods scare you off! This cauliflower bowl is full of flavor and texture.

Here’s how its listed on the menu:


Cauliflower mash, black beans, sautéed spinach, tomatillo sauce, onions, pico, sliced avocado, and cotija cheese
No Protein | Chicken | Grilled Shrimp | Grilled Steak | Salmon 

So, you can customize your bowl a bit to add which protein you want or none at all. You can even take off the black beans to make this the lowest carb option.

And subbing out the fried chips for chicharrones is genius! The pile of fried pork comes out sizzling. Again, this is THE way to enjoy Mexican cuisine while going keto. 

Finally, wash it all down with a handcrafted cocktail, like the  Mestizo Tequila Mockingjay Cocktail.