A woman in white appears on the Myrtles Plantation

Morgan Moss, owner of the plantation, recalls seeing a woman in a white dress walk appear of the property's bridge. But when he turned around, she vanished.

We’ve already seen Morgan Moss, owner of the Myrtles Plantation, share one of his personal ghostly encounters, but now he has one more… Moss swears he saw a woman in a white gown walking across the bridge, but when he turned to check again, she was gone. 

Because the Myrtles Plantation offers free photography bookings, seeing a woman in a white gown on the property is no surprise to Moss. Originally, when he saw the figure on the bridge, he assumed she was there for a bridal shoot.

Of course, the Myrtles staff has a standard procedure to secure a photo shoot slot for visitors. Names, numbers and times are recorded upon inquiry and the staff is notified. Then, the property is spruced up to provide a glamorous photo shoot setting for the visitor.

However, Moss was confused why no one was prepared for the woman he saw on the bridge. He turned to ask his staff if they knew a bride was on the property for a shoot.

They told him that no photo shoot was scheduled at that time.

When Moss turned around to verify that a bride was already there, she was gone. The woman in white he saw walking on the bridge vanished. 

The Myrtles has a long history of ghostly figures appearing in the windows or making noise in the house. This vanishing woman in white is just one of the many stories people may share about their experience at the St. Francisville place.

You can always visit for a tour, an over-night stay or a dinner in the restaurant. Booking a free photo shoot is pretty easy too.

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To set up a photo shoot on the property, call the main desk 225-635-6277 to let the staff know you are interested in securing a slot. They will record your information, including the date, time and location on the property you wish to shoot. You can shoot anywhere on the property except on the buildings’ porches or inside the home. 

Secure your own photographer, or, if you don’t know of any, the desk may refer some to you. You can shoot at any time of the day, but it’s probably best to get it done before the gift shop closes at 7:00 pm. 

Finally, show up ready to shoot and strut your stuff. You may end up spotting a ghostly figure in your photos later that night!