A mysterious encounter at Myrtles Plantation

Supposedly more than 10 spirits roam the Myrtles Plantation regularly. Owner Morgan Moss shares one of his mysterious encounters.

If you’ve heard anything about the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, you’ve probably heard about the spirits and the hauntings. The plantation has a reputation of being ‘One of America’s Most Haunted Homes’.

However, to better understand the ghostly mysteries that surround the property, it is important to know the history of the Myrtles. 

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The history 

The property dates back to 1796 when the Antebellum South was in full swing. The man to start it all was General David Bradford, also known as “Whiskey Dave.”

General Bradford was a leader of the Whiskey Rebellion. To avoid arrest for his illegal doings, he fled Pennsylvania. 

He arrived at Bayou Sara (now known as St. Francisville). The area was a Spanish Colony that served as a large port of the Mississippi River. Here, Bradford obtained a land grant of 650 acres from the Baron de Corondelet to begin a new life. 

Following Bradford, the Myrtles changed ownership a few times. Bradford sold the mansion in 1820 to his son-in-law, Judge Clarke Woodruff, who remodeled the mansion.

Fourteen years later, Ruffin Stirling purchased the property. 

After over 200 years in existence, the Myrtles Plantation undoubtedly has some stories to tell. 

The mystery

Supposedly over 10 spirits haunt the Myrtles Plantation. 

One of the most popular ghostly stories on the Myrtles is of Chloe, a former house slave.

Story says she poisoned a cake with the toxic plant, oleander, as revenge on the house owners.  However, she laced the cake too heavily and killed Woodruff’s two children.

Out of guilt, Chloe confessed her actions to the house owners. They hanged her on the property and threw her body in the Mississippi River. 

Chloe is the spirit to supposedly visit guests the most on the property. However, she isn’t the only one. 

Current owner of the Myrtles, Morgan Moss, shared his personal experiences with some spooky happenings. His encounters seem much more polite, though. 

One evening, two guests returned to their room after an afternoon exploring on the property.

The two ladies found their room turned down as the sheets were pulled back and the pillows were moved from the bed.  They were upset someone entered their room without their permission. 

Moss explained to the guests that the bed and breakfast does not offer a turn down service. 

After reviewing security footage from the building’s hallways, they spotted nothing suspicious.

Even today, Moss cannot explain why the room was nicely turned down for the ladies’ return. 

Of course, you have to visit the mansion to experience the mystery for yourself. 

The tours

The entire property offers a brand new restaurant, a bed and breakfast and tours. 

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There are four tour options. 

  1. The Daily Mystery Tours are offered 7 days a week from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM on the hour and half hour. The tour focuses on the history, mystery and intrigue of the plantation. Length: about 45 minutes. Prices: $15 for adults and $12 for children (12 and under).
  2. The Evening Mystery Tours are similar to the Daily Mystery Tours, except these are only conducted on Friday and Saturday at 6:00, 7:00 and 8:00 PM. Length: about one hour. Prices: $15 per guest.
  3. Private mystery tours are offered 7 days a week. These tours are perfect for private groups, birthdays or any special occasion. Prices: $99 flat rate plus $15 per guest.
  4. The Baton Rouge Pick up Tours are every Tuesday and Thursday. Here, the Myrtles arranges to pick you up from and drop you off at most Baton Rouge hotels. Prices: $55 for adults and $45 for kids (12 and under).

You can book your plantation tour here.

Find the Myrtles Plantation at 7747 U.S. Highway 61 in St. Francisville.