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A closeup look at the Game of Thrones costumes

After 8 seasons of blood and guts and fire and ice, Game of Thrones came to an end in May 2019– an odd end at that. While the show famously brought long-winded story lines and MANY fantasy characters to the HBO screen, it also brought a beautiful spectacle.

Technically, I always thought the show’s scene transitions were gorgeous. They were fluid and bold. I mean, it makes sense. Switching the audience’s attention between screens of a dozen characters in one episode needs to be done seamlessly. 

However, the spectacle of the show goes beyond the video technicalities, like CGI and camera movements.

With characters like queens, kings, dragon mothers and warriors (to name a few) all in one show, each one has to stand out on his or her own to leave an impression on the viewer.

One way to do that is with costumes. 

Abigail Larson, a Facebook user, shared photos detailing some of the costumes from the Game of Thrones set.

“I want an entire documentary just on the Game of Thrones costumes. Michele Carragher and Michele Clapton did incredible work,” she posted.

Abigail, I feel you, girl.

These costumes are stunning. I can only imagine how the designers and design team’s fingers must feel after working on such intricate costumes like this. 

I’m sure the photos don’t do the dresses, drapes and suits justice compared to what they look like in person. However, these pictures hopefully give you an idea. 

Can you pick out which character wore what?