Baton Rouge Crawfish: 4 Spots Locals Love

Crawfish season is about to hit the home stretch, which means now is the time to get some if you've been putting it off. With so many options out there, we've narrowed it down to some of the best. Check out these four Baton Rouge crawfish spots locals swear by.

Tony's Seafood

If you ask anybody in the Baton Rouge area where they’re going to get crawfish, the majority will probably say Tony’s. The massive seafood market also sells spices, seasonings, and just about anything else you need for a good crawfish boil. Be sure not to miss out on trying one of their legendary boudin balls while you’re there.

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Sammy's Grill

On any given weekend, you can see the line wrapping around the side of the building to get into this seafood restaurant. Sammy’s has become a staple in the capital city and serves up huge batches of their boiled crawfish every day.

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LA Boilers Seafood

This seafood market boasts mud bugs on the spicier side. Boiled and seasoned to finger licking goodness, you won’t want to pass this place up.

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Lakeside Daiquiri & Grill

You may not expect it, but this local bar and grill serves up piping hot crawfish daily. Many call it a true hidden gem. Make sure to head over there on Tuesdays for their great specials.

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Q: Can you guess how many pounds of crawfish are harvested annually?

A: According to the Louisiana Seafood Board over 110 million pounds of crawfish are harvested each year and have an annual economic impact of $120 million.