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$40 Foodie Fix – Terrific Tuesdays

Over the past few years, the restaurant scene in Baton Rouge has changed dramatically. Today innovation and sophistication top the menu, but eating well, trying new restaurants and dishes, and getting your foodie fix doesn’t have to break the bank. Welcome to The Louisiana Weekend’s $40 Foodie Fix, unique eats, interesting atmosphere, great food and incredible people for just forty dollars.

Breakfast: Simple Joe’s Cafe

Simple Joe’s Cafe started off with a dream of finding the perfect simple cup of joe. From dream to reality, Simple Joe’s Cafe has grown into one of the mid-city’s go to breakfast and lunch destinations. Their menu has something for everyone from the breakfast staples of eggs and bacon to blueberry quinoa with some of the best homemade granola. As for that simple cup of joe, yup, they’ve got that too. Their coffee’s start with an exclusive roast from River Road’s Coffee. While we opted for their cappuccino which was deliciously dusted with cinnamon, you must try their iced coffee, take our word for it.

Lunch: Basel’s Market Food Truck

The great thing about searching for and finding foodie fixes is that they can pop up just about anywhere. That is especially true of our next stop, Basel’s Market Food Truck. When your restaurant is on four wheels, you can take it just about anywhere and that’s exactly what the owner of Basel’s does. She delivers the highest quality and freshest ingredients where ever she goes from the back of what started life as a handyman’s truck. Through the help of friends and family that empty truck has been transformed into a first-class food truck.

Dinner: Curbside Burgers

Our last stop got its start serving incredible burgers to late-night college party goers and businessmen alike. Today their original food truck can now be found throughout their Government St. restaurant as part of the decor at Curbside Burgers. This self-proclaimed “artisan grubbery” serves up some of the best burgers we’ve ever had. Their juicy proprietary beef blend, perfectly toasted brioche buns and hand cut fries definitely beats the budget drive through. Their $10 Tuesday night special featuring their Classic Burger with American cheese, fries and a Yuengling beer is the perfect way to end our very first $40 Foodie Fix.