Local Teachers Awarded $2,000 for Teacher Appreciation

BATON ROUGE, La. (THE LOUISIANA WEEKEND) - Baton Rouge Alliance for Students and ExxonMobil Baton Rouge joined forces for the second year to honor exceptional educators during Teacher Appreciation Week. This initiative celebrated the invaluable contributions of Baton Rouge teachers, past, present, and future. The organizations launched a recognition campaign, selecting three outstanding educators, Tommie Gipson, Yamica Carmouche, and Elika Everson, each receiving a $2,000 prize. Let’s explore their inspiring stories and their profound impact on our community.

Tommie Gipson brings energy and compassion to teaching literacy and language arts at Sherwood Middle Academic Magnet School. With 28 years of experience, he inspires and motivates his 8th-grade students.

Yamica Carmouche, a 6th-grade teacher at the Eva Legard Center for Coastal and Environmental Studies, gives back to her Old South Baton Rouge community. She organizes fundraisers and food drives and supports her students’ needs.

Elika Everson, a CSAL Charter Middle School science teacher, uses her entomology background to ignite her students’ passion for science. Through innovative programs, she equips underrepresented students with the skills they need for a successful future.

These educators exemplify dedication, innovation, and a commitment to their students’ success. They shape the next generation, nurture excellence, promote environmental stewardship, and inspire a love for learning. Their stories remind us of the transformative power of education and the essential role of educators in our society.

Check out this segment to learn more about each of these fantastic teachers and what they do for our community!