Snowball Stands are Open for Summer

BATON ROUGE, La. (THE LOUISIANA WEEKEND) - This first week of spring means that we can officially indulge in one of Louisiana’s favorite sweet treats, snowballs. Snowballs are consumed by young and old as a nostalgic and necessary spring and summer treat. The base of a snowball is a cup of shaved ice, drenched in flavored syrups.

Snowball stands have evolved over the years. Most have various different flavors, including sugar free flavors and cream flavors. If a normal snowball is too basic, you can stuff your snowball with cheesecake, candy, and fruit. Most snowball stands also offer ice cream and milkshakes. If you need a snack, they sell lots of snacks from nachos, to Frito pies to chili dogs.

We visited a few snowball stands to see what’s new. Snoman Snoballs has two locations in Baton Rouge. The oldest location is 9534 Burbank Drive in Baton Rouge. The second location is 14646 Tigger Bend Road in Baton Rouge. They boast of 70 different flavors, including sugar free flavors. Sour spray is a recent addition that turns any sweet snoball sour. They also sell soft-serve ice cream. They guarantee that their ice cream machine always works because they constantly maintain it. For more information on on Snoman Snoballs, visit HERE

We also visited S.A.B.’s Snowball Shoppe located at 6203 LA-1 South in Brusly, Louisiana. This is a family owned business named after the William’s brothers Sydney, Aaron, and Brennan. S.A.B’s Snowballs offer unique and outrageous snowballs including Pineapple Paradise, which is a snowball inside of a pineapple. They also offer snowballs for those who love caramel apples, strawberry cheesecake snowballs with actual cheesecake, and so much more. They are also known for their chili. The chili recipe is courtesy of an aunt of the Williams family. She would make chili for family birthday parties. Now, customers can have her chili every day. For more information on S.A.B.’s Snowball Shoppe visit HERE