Give The Gift of Entertainment with a Celebrity Theatres Gift Certificate

BATON ROUGE, La. (THE LOUISIANA WEEKEND) - Celebrity Theatres is a newly renovated locally owned theater located at 15365 George Oneal Rd, in Baton Rouge. Inside Celebrity Theatres, you will find leather reclining seats with a cup holder and build in tray in every auditorium. The two largest auditoriums also include premium format screens using Dolby Atmos surround sound that give the 3D sounds effect.

A unique addition to Celebrity Theatres is Cheeto Popcorn. Your favorite movie theater popcorn is covered in Cheeto cheese with actual Cheetos mixed into the popcorn. An exclusive beverage option is available as Celebrity Theatres offers frozen Jack & Coke made with Jack Daniels whiskey.

For a full day of fun, stay and play in the arcade. Games are on both sides of the theater. Classic games such as Skee-Ball and Space Invaders are available as well as some new games.

Celebrity Theatres has a special offer for you, our viewers. The special is only $25.00 but it has a $100.00 value. With the $25 gift certificate, you will receive four movie tickets, a huge popcorn, two large drinks, two kids combos, and two $10.00 arcade cards. The gift card must be redeemed in full at the time of use. This offer is available right now! We will see y’all at the movies.