Become Mesmerized with Mesmerica Planetarium Show

BATON ROUGE, La. (THE LOUISIANA WEEKEND) - Mesmerica is the planetarium show at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum that initially ran from Friday, November 18, 2022 until Sunday, November 27, 2022. Due to major popularity in Baton Rouge, Mesmerica extended its stay through January 2023. After selling out again, tickets are now on sale now for a March 11, 2023 show. Mesmerica “is a 360 fulldome arts and music cinematic journey designed to create a sense of well-being and happiness. It’s a show that is appropriate for all ages from 6 years old — and beyond! This fulldome show features the Grammy-nominated musician James Hood, along with an animated film showcasing artists from around the world.”

This is a show for the entire family. Get tickets online HERE