TSA gives recommendations on how to travel with Thanksgiving food

(CNN) - Thanksgiving is just days away, and those who have to travel to celebrate may be wondering how to transport their meals properly.

Well, don’t fret. The Transportation Security Administration is here to help.

On their “What Can I Bring?” feature on their website, they recommend you avoid bringing food that can spill, spread or spray.

If the meal is larger than 3.4 ounces, it must be placed in checked luggage.

If food needs to stay cold, ice packs are permissible, but they must be frozen solid when going through security.

Some of the food that can be brought with no issues include baked goods, meats like turkey and ham, and cooked and uncooked stuffing.

Some foods to avoid are anything liquid like cranberry sauce, homemade gravy and wine.

Remember that food items often need additional security screening, so put them in a place easily accessible and allow yourself more time to go through security.