Learn How Sugar Is Made at Alma Farm & Mill

BATON ROUGE, La. (THE LOUISIANA WEEKEND) - Louisiana is known for its many acres of sugarcane. We visited Alma Sugarcane Farm and Mill in Pointe Coupee Parish Louisiana to see how sugar is made. Alma has 2,500 acres of sugarcane. Alma Mill is the only mill in the state with its own sugarcane fields. Alma Mill processes 70,000 tons of cane each season. Raw sugar made at Alma Mill is sold at Alma General Store in Lakeland, Louisiana. You can also buy bags of sugar at Oxbow Rum Distillery in Baton Rouge.

Oxbow Rum Distillery is the latest expression of sugarcane from Alma Farm and Mill. Olivia Stewart grew up on Alma Farm and is now President of Oxbow Rum Distillery. While Alma Sugarcane Mill is not open to the public, Oxbow Rum Distillery is open for tours and tastings Thursdays through Sundays from noon until 8:00pm and Sundays from noon until 6:00pm. For more information, visit HERE

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