Meet The Soul Food Festival Pioneer Award Winner Deborah Dickerson

Plaquermine — BATON ROUGE, La. (THE LOUISIANA WEEKEND) - I had the honor or presenting the Pioneer Award at the 5th Annual Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival on Saturday, May 14th. The Pioneer Award was established by the Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival to honor and acknowledge outstanding contributions to the soul food industry.

The 2022 honoree follows in a line of notable people who have kept the tradition of soul food alive. The first recipient was Joe Delpit, whose father Thomas Delpit, founded the Chicken Shack in 1935. Next was Cynthia Green, whose family founded Owen’s Grocery Market and Deli in 1938. Last year’s winners are Ricky and Kawanda Griffin who opened Lizzie’s Restaurant in 2016 to honor their mother Lizzie’s famous cooking at the barroom Night Cap.

In keeping with family traditions this year’s recipient also learned the techniques of Soul Food Cooking from her mother who always prepared meals of meat or seafood with fresh herbs and spices from local markets. By smelling the food before eating it she combined that with her taste buds which led her to create unique flavors that she refers to as healthy soul food.

Raised in Plaquemine and New Orleans she is a retired US Army Veteran and founder of Plaquemine’s favorite soul food restaurant D’s Café Southern Soul, The 2022 Pioneer Award was presented to Deborah “Miss D” Dickerson.

I spoke with Miss D about winning the Pioneer Award, her restaurant D’s Cafe Southern Soul, and of course all things soul food.

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