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2021 King Cake Guide: Popular Picks and Unique Twists

Carnival Season is officially upon us! Although it will look vastly different from previous years, one things remains true…King Cakes are in full swing.

We wanted to have some fun with the King Cakes offered around the Baton Rouge area, so we called over 25 places to find out the most popular and unique flavors they offer. From Fried King Cakes to Keto King Cakes, there’s an option for everyone. 

Find out if your favorite King Cake made the list! If you’re interested in trying a new King Cake, make sure it’s in stock before you go.

If we missed your favorite King Cake stop, let us know here. 

Courtesy of Robert Fresh Market 

Alexander’s Highland Market 

  • Most popular  – Plain 
  • Most unique  – Tiramisu, Boudin 

Courtesy of Alexander’s Highland Market 

The Ambrosia Bakery  

  • Offering King Cakes 

Courtesy of Ambrosia Bakery 

Baum’s Pastries 

  • Most popular  Traditional, Strawberry 
  • Most unique  Praline

Batch Baking Company 

  • Selling mini classic King Cakes at City Roots Coffee

Courtesy of Batch Baking Company 

Blue Rose Cafe and Bakery 

  • Most popular  Turtle, S’mores, Chocolate 
  • Most unique  Keto King Cake 

Courtesy of Blue Rose Cafe and Bakery 

Calandro’s Supermarket

  • Most popular – Pralines & Cream, Strawberry Cream Cheese 
  • Most unique – Big Easy King Cake 

Courtesy of Calandro’s Supermarket 

Chris’ Specialty Foods

  • Known for their one and only Boudin King Cake 

City Pork Catering

  • City Pork is selling Boudin King Cakes through City Pork Catering 

Courtesy of City Pork

Counter Space BR 

  • Known for their one and only Classic Cinnamon 

Courtesy of Counter Space BR 

Desiderata Kitchen 

  • Most unique – Crawfish Bread King Cake, Bananas Foster King Cake

District Donuts

  • Offering a Dark Chocolate-filled King Cake
  • Most unique – King Cake Donuts 

Courtesy of District Donuts 

Eat Fit King Cake 

  • Find this healthy King Cake at Alexander’s Highland Market.

Courtesy of Eat Fit BR 

Family Donuts 

  • Family Donuts is selling King Cakes this year. 

Courtesy of Family Donuts  

Gambino’s Bakery 

  • Most popular – Traditional, Cream Cheese, Strawberry Cream Cheese
  • Most unique – Wedding Cake, Nutella, or try mixing flavors like Strawberry and Pineapple 

Gourmet Girls 

  • Most popular – Queen Cake (Cinnamon King Cake with champagne mousse and gold toppings)  
  • Most unique – Strawberries and Cream 

Courtesy of Gourmet Girls 

Harvest Supermarket 

  • Most popular – Strawberry Cream Cheese 
  • Most unique – Maple Walnut, Wedding Cake, Blackberry Cream Cheese 

Courtesy of Harvest Supermarket 

Hi Nabor Supermarket

  • Most popular – Cream Cheese-filled
  • Most unique – Turtle 

La Divina Italian Cafe 

  • Most popular – Traditional
  • Most unique – Nutella 

Courtesy of La Divina Italian Cafe 

Langlois’ Grocery 

  • Most popular – Cream Cheese 
  • Most unique – Praline Pecan 

Courtesy of Langlois’ Grocery 

Les Amis Bake Shoppe 

  • Most popular – King Cake Cheesecake 
  • Most unique – Praline

Courtesy of Les Amis Bake Shoppe 

Mary Lee Donuts 

  • Selling King Cakes 

Matherne’s Market 

  • Most popular –  Cream Cheese 
  • Most unique – Wedding Cake, Red Velvet 

Courtesy of Matherne’s Market 

Maxwell’s Market 

  • Most popular –  Cream Cheese 
  • Most unique – Pecan Praline 

Mikey’s Donuts 

  • Most popular/unique – Fried King Cake in eight different flavors

Fried King Cake courtesy of Mikey’s Donuts 

Navarre’s Famous King Cakes 

  • Navarre’s is selling King Cakes

New York Bagel 

  • Selling King Cakes this year 

Oak Point Fresh Market 

  • Most popular –  Bavarian 
  • Most unique – Oreo 

Courtesy of Oak Point Fresh Market 

Port Allen Bakery

  • Most popular – Strawberry Cream Cheese  
  • Most unique – Boudin 

Courtesy of Port Allen Bakery 

Ralph’s Market 

  • Most popular –  Praline Cream Cheese
  • Most unique – All King Cakes are airbrushed 

Courtesy of Ralph’s Market 

Randazzos King Cakes 

  • Find this New Orleans staple at Carnival Mart 

Courtesy of Randazzos 

Reeve’s Market

  • Most popular –  Cream Cheese, Strawberry, Blueberry 
  • Most unique – Praline Pecan 

Courtesy of Reeves Market 

Robert Fresh Market 

  • Most popular –  Almond Wedding Cake 
  • Most unique – Cookies n’ Cream 

Courtesy of Robert Fresh Market 

Rouses Market 

  • Selling King Cake

Courtesy of Rouses 

Thee Heavenly Donut 

  • Most popular – Plain 
  • Most unique – Cajun Mud (Bavarian cream chocolate with a cream cheese and pecan topping)  

Courtesy of Thee Heavenly Donut 

Tredici Bakery 

  • Offering a Traditional almond-based King Cake (to order only)

Courtesy of Tredici Bakery 

Tucker’s Seafood and Deli 

  • Offering King Cakes starting Jan. 15 

Courtesy of Tucker’s Seafood and Deli 

Whole Foods 

  • Offering King Cakes