Wendy’s new Frosty Cookie Sundae is here!

Wendy’s Frosty connoisseurs have been customizing their desserts for years after they get one from the restaurant.  So earlier this week, the chain debuted its Frosty Cookie Sundae and here is the kicker: it’s drizzled with Ghirardelli Chocolate sauce and brimming with chocolate chip cookie chunks.

According to Wendy’s website, the new treat includes the original Frosty base—available in chocolate or vanilla.

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And Ghirardelli confirmed the collaboration on social media, writing, “We’ve teamed up with @Wendys to bring you something delicious.” Wendy’s also shared the news, but went with a more subtle approach, posting “frosty,” “cookie,” and “sundae” in three separate tweets.



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The Frosty Cookie Sundae has already made its way to menus nationwide and is available for $1.99. 

Excuse us while we log off and head to the nearest Wendy’s.  (Find the location near you here.)