Well somebody finally did it: Crawfish Ice Cream

This was inevitable, but we didn’t expect to see a Texas based business deliver the idea.

Red Circle Ice Cream of Houston unveiled a crawfish-flavored ice cream last week.

“It’s CRAWFISH season so we had to do it…CRAWFISH Flavored ICE CREAM!!!” the instagram post said.  Sadly the crawfish on the ice cream does not come included.

The ingredients for the ice cream is simple: crawfish (cooked down of course), butter, garlic and cayenne pepper.

The owner says the crawfish flavored ice cream sold out pretty quickly but they decided to make another batch!  So it looks like it will be sticking around for an undetermined amount of time due to demand.

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About Red Circle Ice Cream:

Photo courtesy of Red Circle Ice CreamRed Circle Ice Cream first humbly opened its doors in August of 2017, in Houston, Texas. The name sounds simple, but there is actually a deeper meaning. In the Asian culture, the color red signifies good luck, good fortune. A circle represents a sense of continuity and infinity. When you combine both aspects, what our name really gives you is “continuous luck and fortune”.

Eat Ice Cream. Live Happy. This is our motto.  We feel there’s nothing that brings more people together and is more universally enjoyed than ice cream! Located in the heart of The International District, our goal is to create delicious and memorable desserts in a fun, modern, diverse, and family-oriented atmosphere for people of all cultures to come and experience!

As Red Circle Ice Cream continues to grow in popularity, our team is committed to maintaining a positive environment where fans can come with their friends and family to enjoy our unique desserts!