The Townie Takeover: What B.R. Spots to Visit when Colleges Let Out

The traffic is a little better, the town is a little more quiet, and that's when you know school's out for winter break. For a few precious weeks, LSU and Southern University let students free to enjoy the holidays. For most locals, it's the most wonderful time of the year, because your favorite spots just got a little easier to get into. Here's some of the top places to enjoy now that you can get a seat.

Magpie Café at the Overpass

Celebrations are in order because the chances of you grabbing a spot at this super popular café have now grown. Even with Magpie opening up a wonderful new downtown location, their original café still brings dozens of students on their laptops, slurping caffeine and hogging the wifi. But don’t worry, take these few precious weeks before classes are back in session to finally get that table by the wall outlet.

Highland Coffees

If you’re a Baton Rouge local, this goes without saying that this popular coffee shop is always buzzing with students 90% of the year. With their great outdoor courtyard, delicious brews, and comfy vibe, who could blame the college crowd? However, now is your chance to get that leather chair of your dreams without a super crowd around you.

The Bulldog

A very popular bar in Baton Rouge, on weekends you can find students in the beer garden as well as hogging up some bar space. But for the next few weeks, you can bask in their awesome outdoor space while enjoying their extensive beer selection.

Coffee Call

Any time of the year, the fluffy beignets that this popular spot serves up are worth the crowds. But why fight them if you don’t have to? Coffee Call is a huge go-to for students, but during the winter break, you don’t have to wait as long to get those beignet fingers and café au lait.

The Chimes

On any typical weekend during the year, this local gem can be found with a bustling group of patrons waiting to get their hands on some delicious grub. But when LSU shuts down for the break right next door, parking gets a little easier and the restaurant gets a little less crowded. Which means you can get to your New Orleans BBQ Shrimp Po-Boy that much quicker.

Got any other favorites you plan to visit during winter break? Let us know.