Tips for having the best away game party

I know this isn't rocket science... Football + beer + fun people = always a good time. But, just in case you feel uninspired, here's what you need to throw a great away game party.

Do you ever just feel bummed out that your team is playing an away game? For that week, you don’t get to pile into the stadium and cheer at the live action. Well, don’t get too bummed yet because Dustin Loveless from Walks-Ons Bistreaux and Bar has a few tips on how to have a great football party at home.

“One is the TVs, you have to make sure everyone that is there can see the game,” said Loveless. “Then, making sure you have plenty of beverages. Preferably ice cold beverages. And then, just a good upbeat personality and the culture of the people you hang out with.”

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Of course, the food is important too. Loveless recommends cheeseburger sliders and boudin balls. Southern staples, obviously. Plus, these are the best foods to eat in case you indulge a little too much with the adult beverages.

But, if you don’t feel like cooking at home, you can always go out. 

“We do usually watch games at home, but it’s going to be such much fun with everyone here – cheering for LSU together,” said local football fan Angie Rojas. “So I feel like that will give it a community feel.”

“It brings everybody together for the same common cause of winning the game and it’s just…. Goosebumps! I can’t speak enough about it,” added Loveless.

You can even order food to-go on these football weekends. Walk-Ons serves party platters for just about anything on their regular menu. 

So, just because the game is away, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun watching it at home or at a bar. Even this Saturday you can see Southern University take on Memphis on WAFB Channel 9’s sister station, WBXH.

Just don’t forget your tasty tailgating essentials.

With your drinks, snacks and good people, you can get ready for kick off! Turn up the volume on the telly this Saturday.