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The most popular snowball flavors in the Baton Rouge area

Snowball season is in full effect. With the scorching Louisiana temperatures, snowball stands have been a staple in many peoples lives. So which flavors are the most popular? We called around to find out! 

Find out if your favorite flavor made the list! If you’re looking for store locations or hours, click here. 

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Kona Ice of Baton Rouge

Kona Ice, the snowball stand on wheels, can be found all around Baton Rouge. But its most notable appearances can be found around LSU’s campus during sporting events. With that being said, it’s only fitting for Kona’s most popular flavor to be Tigers Blood.

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(courtesy of Kona Ice) 

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Snoman Snoballs

With three locations, Snoman Snoballs has become a Baton Rouge staple. With tons of customers rolling through, there can’t just be one popular flavor. So, try all four. 

Most Popular flavorsStrawberry, Strawberry Cheesecake, Wedding Cake and Poplar Punch 


(Courtesy of Snoman Snowballs) 

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The Sno House

 The Sno House opened its doors to the Baton Rouge community in mid-June. The New Orleans-styled snowballs offers a long list of flavors, including many homemade options. 

Most Popular flavors Tigers Blood and House-made Chocolate


(Courtesy of The Sno House) 

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Way Cool Snowball

Way Cool Snowballs is another snowball stand that is too good to just have one popular flavor. Be sure to try all three!

Most Popular Flavors – Strawberry, Wedding Cake, Bubble Gum


(Courtesy of Way Cool Snowballs) 

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Cool Delights Snowballs

Across the bridge in Port Allen is Cool Delights Snowballs. Cool Delights has a long list of snowball flavors, but one particular flavor stands out most! 

Most Popular Flavor – Polar Punch


(Courtesy of Cool Delights Snowballs) 

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Sno-Ball Plus

Over in Brusly you can find Sno-Ball Plus. Although Sno-Ball Plus offers a lengthy list of flavors, there is typically one most people order. 

Most Popular Flavor – Wedding Cake


(Courtesy of Sno-Ball Plus) 

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Overall, the most popular flavors are as followed: 

1. Wedding Cake
2. Tigers Blood
3. Polar Punch

Did you favorite flavor make the list?