The Masters has a secret putting green!

It’s well known that Augusta National is home to 37 greens.  There are 18 greens on the course PGA professionals try to master every April. The Par-3 Course has 11 greens, although only nine are used for the annual Wednesday afternoon mid-April shoot-out. If you drive into the club via Magnolia Lane, there are three practice greens on the right side of the road and one to the left.

Then, on the other side of the clubhouse, there’s the giant putting green almost beside the 1st tee. There are also three putt-and-giggle greens for the benefit of guests at the glorified food mall called Berckmans Place. So that makes 37. Thirty-seven greens that you hear about, some more often than others.

But did you know about the club’s Green 38?

Green 38 is, to a certain and tiny population of golf buffs, what Area 51 is to a certain and tiny population of UFO buffs. It is a nearly mythic green that can plainly be seen in aerial photographs of the Augusta National Golf Club property.

Masters contestants won’t give even a passing thought to Green 38, even as they come within a 120 or so yards of it.