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The Chimes Covington has canoes, kayaks and paddleboards – Oh my!

Amanda Kitch tested out the Bogue Fayala waters with Chimes' new boat rental service.

Can you imagine working up a sweat on the river to sitting down with a cold beer at the bar? At The Chimes in Covington, you can grab a pint and get on a paddleboard in just a few minutes.


“You can get a bite to eat, take a beer on the river with you and then come back. If you’re still hungry, get another bite to eat,” said Samuel Stine, bar manager at Chimes Covington.

Stine said business at The Chimes Covington picked up after Canoe and Trail Adventures set up their rental shop on the restaurant’s dock. Even some fans of the Baton Rouge Chimes came to check out the Bogue Falaya river action.

Just last week, we had a big group of people from Chimes East come and they did the kayaking thing,” said Stine. 

This kayaking thing is a family-owned business in St. Tammany Parish. Their goal is to help get your families outside.

“Our favorite thing to do is get kids outdoors. The main thing we rent is to families wanting to go out. We get a lot of individuals, but a lot of adults with their children want to rent and that just makes us smile,” said Chad Almquist, operator of Canoe and Trail Adventures. 

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These guys and gals are experienced too. Chad Almquist said he was raised a canoe man, while his wife likes the paddleboard more. Judging by their tan lines, I could tell they’re out there guiding tours and shuffling boats everyday. 

As pros, they teach you all you need to know about how to be safe on the water, even if you are a first timer like me. And this group has everything you need to get out on the water safely. Besides life jackets and paddles, they have sunblock and waterproof boxes to hold your belongings.


“You can just show up. You don’t need anything,” said Almquist. 

All of this is to help grow the family-fun vibes The Chimes restaurants are popular for. But, if you want to get out on the water after eating a dozen oysters, you have to stop by the Covington location. 

You can show up to rent your river ride Friday through Sunday or call to reserve your spot any other day of the week except Tuesdays. Here’s the number to reserve your boats 504-233-0686. 

Their prices are pictured here: 

Courtesy of Canoe and Trail Adventures

You can find the two Baton Rouge Chimes restaurants at 3357 Highland Rd and 4019, 10870 Coursey Blvd. But if you want to get out on the water, you have to head to the Northshore at 19130 Rogers Ln, Covington, LA 70433

Of course, you’re welcome to bring your own canoe, kayak or paddleboard to launch off the Chimes dock, too.