The Baton Rouge Funk Fest to bring back the funky music scene

Funky music and vibes take over Tin Roof Brewing on Saturday June 8.

The third annual Baton Rouge Funk Fest takes the stage at Tin Roof Brewing on Saturday June 8. It’s a free, all day event open to all ages. You can expect about nine live musical acts and several arts and food vendors. Adam King co-created the event to bring the community together over funky attitudes.

“It’s not about funky music, so to speak—as it is just an attitude of being funky. Forget about everything else. Come have a good time, relax, have a couple of beers, get some good food by local people, buy some local art, listen to local music, and just support,” said King. 

Turns out, King is in a band with the fest’s co-creator, Sam Terito. He describes the 1990s and early 2000s to be a much funkier music scene compared to today. So, they just wanted to make a cool place to play music.

“As time as gone on, it’s hard to find really cool places to play,” said Terito.

And of course, they want other musicians and listeners to join the scene too.

“It kind of gives everybody a chance to kind of vibe out, just like we kind of used to,” said Terito.   

You can grab a seat and a cold one at the Baton Rouge Funk Festival on Saturday from 10 am to 11 pm. Families and pups are welcome.

Be sure to bring the funk!

Find the spot here. 

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