Ten Halloween pet costumes that are so ADORBS!

Who doesn’t love a good costume for Halloween? Even pets are getting into the action with many stores carrying amazing Halloween pet costumes. When we saw these, we were like “Awwwwww.”

Lion Mane

Your cat can be king of the jungle!
We know your cat can act all regal, so (if you can) have them wear this. This also fits dogs as well.

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Pet Dracula

Your dog can be Count Dracula of the Sands!
This Halloween your dog can be fitted in style with Medallions, a bow tie and cape to show he rules the wicked Boo-tiful Halloween Night.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Dog Costume

This Darth Vader is sure to be strong with force.
If Vader does not get the good treats for wearing this costume, he might turn to the dark side three times before napping on the couch.

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Pet Krewe Pirate Costume

Pirates are notorious for doing what they want, when they want. So does your cat.
Pirates plunder treasure. Cats plunder catnip.
So dressing a feline up as a pirate doesn’t seem that far off now does it?

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Unicorn Costume

This Unicorn-themed costume will surely standout close to Midnight, just like Thriller did in 1983. But this is Halloween Pet Costume is more adorable.

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Pet Mr. Potato Head

Get your dog fitted in the newest Mr. Potato Head costume. This original American toy first invented in 1949 by George Lerner, is now turned into a one of kind costume.

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Pet Krewe Oscar the Grouch

Bring in this Halloween with this is costume from the classic TV show Sesame Street. Works great for those grumpy and feisty pups.

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Bo Peep Costume

This costume comes with a wig and a bonnet. The costume reminisce of the movie Toy Story. We wonder if any sheep farmers will actually use this with their Border Collies? Art imitates life?

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Bootique Later Gator Dog Costume

Later Gator will surely eat up your evening this Halloween. You could even us it around Mardi Gras time as well. We love gators in Louisiana.

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Avengers Iron Man

Light up the night with an Iron Man dog costume. If you have more than one canine, buy the other Avengers costumes for a hilarious group walk. To get them to assemble, open a wrapper surrounding a slice of cheese.

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