What Are Tabasco’s 3 Bestsellers?

A world-wide favorite, Tabasco sauce is made right here in Louisiana on Avery Island. For almost 150 years, the company has produced seven different sauces, all with their own unique flair. So which ones do you need in your pantry? Check out the three bestsellers below.

The Original Red Sauce

The sauce that started it all. In 1868, Tabasco’s founder Edmund McIlhenny created the peppery concoction and its been flying off shelves ever since. It still remains one of the top sellers to this day.

Green Jalapeño Sauce

The milder sibling to the original sauce, the Green Jalapeño Sauce is full of flavor. Tabasco recommends using it to spice up your Mexican dishes like guacamole or burritos.

Garlic Pepper Sauce

A spicy favorite with a three pepper blend, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser with fans of spice. Combined with the bold taste of garlic, Tabasco suggests adding this sauce to everything from pizza to pasta.

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