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Simone Biles shows award-winning gymnastics creativity with LEGOs

Gymnastics powerhouse Simone Biles sat down with a handful of LEGOs to talk about her athletic creativity. Using a purple plastic brick to symbolize herself, she showed her historical triple-double routine

The adorable video follows Biles during a LEGOs session and a gym practice session. It opens with her describing an embarrassing performance moment from a few years ago.

“In 2014, I had a bee chase me on podium,” admitted Biles. “In the moment, it was embarrassing, but then it was kind of funny.” 

With super slow motion video, you see her glowing leg muscles as she spirals through the air. But, despite her world class status, Biles seems to still enjoy digging into a pile of colorful LEGO bricks. 

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She compares her routine building to LEGO set building. 

“Building routines, I feel like, is kind of like LEGO bricks,” added Biles with a few toys in her hand. “We can take skills out, and put them back in. Nothing is right or wrong. It’s just you using your imagination and creativity.” 

The video comes from the toy brand’s #RebuildtheWorld campaign.