Ruby Chocolate: The new pink chocolate bar coming from Switzerland

The U.S. welcomes the newest addition to the chocolate lineup coming from Switzerland: ruby chocolate. This is the first new type of chocolate introduced in more than 80 years. Of course, the others in the family are white, milk and dark chocolates. 


The Swiss company Barry Callebaut, one of the world’s largest chocolate producers, claims responsibility for bringing this pink chocolate creation into the world.

“In terms of functionality, ruby is very similar to white chocolate. However, it is a totally new taste experience. Ruby has an intense fruity flavor and slightly sour profile,” TJ Mulvihill, the VP of marketing for America’s branch of Barry Callebaut, told Thrillist.

Barry Callebaut’s website describes it as, “neither bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.” 

According to the pros, the treat comes from pure ruby cocoa beans that are processed using a particular method. As a result, the berry flavor and unique color occur naturally.

The pink chocolate’s creation actually stems back to about two years ago. The discovery and development of ruby chocolate started about 10 years before that.

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Ruby first hit the consumer market in January 2018, when Nestle debuted its pink KitKat bars in Japan. You can buy yours on Amazon for $3. It also made its way to Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Now, the raw chocolate bar is hitting the markets in U.S. and Canada. 

However, the Swiss company is still waiting on FDA approval in order to officially call it “chocolate.” Until then, the pink chocolate is called “ruby couverture.”

So, keep your eye open for the newest member of the chocolate family. I’m sure you’ll see it start popping up in ice cream flavors and baking recipes.