Pick Your Perfect Pumpkin

Pumpkins. These days they’re everywhere you look. In the store window, on the front porch even used as a vase for fall flowers. They come in so many shapes, sizes and colors how can you tell if the one you have your eye on is the right one for you? Use these tips to get the Jack O’ Lantern that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Flat Bottom Test

Unless you’re using the pumpkin for pie, testing your pumpkin for a flat bottom will ensure that your Jack O’ Lantern will remain upright.

Look At The Color

Lighter colored pumpkins may be easier to carve but a darker orange pumpkin will last much longer.

Check The Stem

Pumpkins with a stem will last longer, but be sure to choose a pumpkin with a dark green stem as this means it was ripe when harvested.

Thump It

Yep, just like a watermelon. Listen for that telltale hollow sound. The best pumpkins have the loudest sound.

Check For Wounds/Soft Spots

Beware of pumpkins with open wounds or soft spots. Pumpkins that have holes, cuts, or bruises on them will rot faster than others.

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