Pabst Blue Ribbon creates a caffeinated Hard Coffee

I never thought I’d see this 174 year old beer company create a caffeinated alcoholic beverage. But, it’s here, Pabst Blue Ribbon created an 11 ounce can of Hard Coffee.

Courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

The only “not beer” product from Pabst comes in at 5% ABV. I’d say that’s a fairly boozy coffee. According to the beer company’s website, the Hard Coffee is made with rich, creamy milk and vanilla flavor. 

While this particularly interesting drink exists, you definitely can’t find it here. Pabst tweeted that the product is only available in five select states. 

Even if stores did sell the Hard Coffee here, I’m still not sure if I’d take a sip or not. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee liqueur drinks. White Russians are basically the best. But, I’m kind of imaging this Hard Coffee to taste like a can of Yoo-Hoo, which I am not a fan of. However, these are only assumptions since I won’t get a chance to sip this drink until it comes to the Boot. 

Would you try it? 

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