New Orleans sisters to appear on Family Feud in true Crescent City style

New Orleans natives the DeCou sisters will appear on the game show Family Feud. And, in true NOLA style, the sisters will appear with purple, green and gold decorated umbrellas. The episode is set to initially air on Feb. 19.

Here is the team lineup (picture from left to right): Domonique DeCou, DaShawn DeCou Cox, Donya DeCou Snowton, Denischia DeCou, and Darnell DeCou Rousell. Photo courtesy of DaShawn D. DeCou.

The DeCou sisters took on the Family Feud auditions in Mobile, Ala. Domonique, the youngest of the eight siblings, surprised the family by signing up without their knowing.

“None of us want to be dream killers, especially killing the baby girl’s dreams, so we’re left to just go along,” DaShawn told the Louisiana Weekend.

DaShawn said they were nervous on the audition date. But, their energy and charisma helped them stand out among the competitors. 

“Donning black and gold, we dominated the auditions like Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara,” said DaShawn. 

Proudly representing New Orleans culture during their audition, DaShawn said the sisters greeted the Family Feud production team with a “laissez les bons tempes rouler.” And she believes they did indeed let the good times roll. DaShawn said they entered the audition ready to have fun and to take advantage of the family bonding experience. 

Here’s a flashback to when the auditions came to town in 2019: Find your team, Family Feud auditions coming to Louisiana

Of course, the DeCou sisters compete on the show while representing New Orleans pride. 

“When you’re on that stage, you want to do your city, state and family proud,” added DaShawn.  

So, to accessorize, they brought Mardi Gras-themed and decorated parasols to the set.

The DeCou sisters stand alongside Steve Harvey while holding their Mardi Gras-themed umbrellas on the Family Feud set. Photo courtesy of DeShawn D. DeCou.

Because the umbrellas are often used during celebratory events in New Orleans, sister Darnell thought they each should bring one on the show. 

“‘Great idea, sister.’ We unanimously agreed, for once in our lives,” added DaShawn. She explained that the DeCou family is literally a Family Feud family, where they feud hard and love each other even harder.

So, another sister Deidra, who does not appear in the show, created the themed umbrellas. DaShawn thought the parasols took on a life of their own on the set. 

“They represent vigilance, tenacity, and dedication for our family and for our city. After Hurricane Katrina, all some of us had left were umbrellas.” 

DaShawn said the sisters and Steve Harvey connected over conversations about the city, its culture, Essence Fest and music. And, when it came time to play, the sisters not only let the good times roll, but their competitive sides, too. DaShawn said the show has an “amazing twist.” 

See the DeCou sisters episode on WBXH, Feb. 19 at 5:30 p.m.