Need a Lyft? Call Shaquille O’ Neal

A few unsuspecting people got the ride of their lives when basketball star and LSU alumnus Shaquille O’ Neal decided to go undercover as a Lyft driver in Atlanta. The 7’1″ retired basketball player partnered with the ride-hailing service as part of their ongoing Youtube series “Undercover Lyft.”

Shaq is seen in the video taking on several different personas to disguise his identity including a French man and a bracelet maker. During the various rides with passengers he asks several questions as well with one of them being of course, “Who is your favorite basketball player?” The entertaining video gets even better at the end when Shaq reveals his true identity and the reactions are priceless.

The LSU alumnus played basketball for the Tigers from 1989-1992. In 2011, the university presented him with a bronze statue in his honor in front of its practice facilities.