Cool Off With This Great Daiquiri Recipe

In Louisiana we love our adult beverages, but nothing quite beats the summer heat like an ice cold daiquiri.

You can find them pretty much anywhere in the southern region of the state, but most people say the best of the best is found in New Orleans. The sweet concoction can be found in shops all around the city, boasting different flavors as well as signature recipes. The most notable shops being found in the French Quarter and of course the infamous Bourbon Street.

To celebrate the greatness that is the daiquiri, enjoy this recipe from the folks at the, an easy strawberry version of the classic treat. A similar recipe can also be found below courtesy of

◦3 cups ice
◦2 ounces frozen strawberries
◦1/4 cup sugar
◦1 tablespoon lemon juice
◦2 tablespoons lime juice
◦3/4 cup light rum
◦2 tablespoons lemon lime soda
◦Lime as garnish

Mix all ingredients together and place in a blender filled with the three cups ice. Pulse on high for 20 seconds, or until mixture is blended and frothy. Garnish with a fresh lime and enjoy!

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