Keep your remotes close and your food closer.

Reynolds Kitchens

Don’t let running out of your favorite snack tear you away from the big screen, the big game or the latest binge watching crazy. Enter the Hunger Harness.

With the big game, just weeks away and Reynolds Wrap is making your football food fantasy come true. Their new product, the Hunger Harness, aims to keep your snack attack under control. Watch an entire football game or four seasons of your favorite show with your favorite finger foods strapped in like a personal party tray.

Reynolds Kitchen

The portable snack-pack is lined with Reynold’s Wrap’s signature aluminum to keep your wings hot, your drinks cold and your dips the perfect temp. The carry-all has shoulder straps, zip pouches, and a drink holder, all hanging in a front-loading pack, mimic a baby or pet carrier, but carry something far more delicious.

Reach right in your Hunger Harness for your favorite apps without missing any plot twists, important plays, or no-calls from the NFL refs.

The Hunger Harness retails for $4.99 but is currently sold out online. It is expected to be restocked soon.