Kayak Adventures with Sea-Blades – It’s no secret in Pointe Aux Chene

“You’ll never know unless you go.” – Fishermen everywhere

Truer words have never been spoken and that was the case on my latest kayak adventure: Pointe Aux Chene WMA. If you remember, a few months ago my wife and I alongside Louisiana Weekend Outdoors writer Nick Gremillion took a chartered kayak trip with Pack and Paddle to Pointe Aux Chene.

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That day I caught a redfish and a speckled trout, a tough day by most standards but I was hooked on kayak fishing.

On this day, the weather was perfect.  Very little wind, partly cloudy and we had a falling tide during fishing hours.  As I approached Pointe Aux Chene Marina I snapped this photo of the sun rising. #NoFilter

As a kayak fisherman, you can’t beat the setup at the PAC launch.  There are separate areas for kayaks and motorboats to put into the water, this is great because you are not holding anybody up.  I was the lone fisherman at the kayak launch on this morning, I learned later there was only one other kayaker on the water this day. Everyone else missed out on an awesome day.

I headed basically due south from the launch.  A couple of boats were already fishing for specks on the telephone poles so I kept on pedaling to get out of their way.  I heard the redfish were thick not far from a couple of camps on the right hand side of the canal, the current was already pushing the kayak that way and I wasn’t about to complain about not having to pedal as hard.  Coming back up the canal was going to be fun later in the day…

I put a red marker where I saw the first action of the day.  A 24 inch redfish was swimming in about 20 inches of water right behind a small island of marsh grass.  I could see his tail fin popping out of the water as he chased some bait fish.  I threw a Holy Joely Matrix Shad in the fish’s direction and was hooked up almost immediately.  A great start to what was going to be a banner day of redfishing.

I didn’t have to move far to catch keeper 2, 3, 4 & 5.  All fish measured 18-20 inches and were caught on the Holy Joley on a 1/8 ounce jig-head.  I would play catch and release with another 10 redfish for the next two hours.

After I had enough with the reds I started heading back toward the marina, hoping to do some speckled trout fishing on the telephones before I loaded up.  Unfortunately there were still a couple boats on the spot I wanted to fish so I let them have it, it looked like they were were catching a few.

This was the best day of fishing I’ve had in a long time. 5 keeper redfish another 10 caught and released.

Next time out I plan on heading to some new fishing grounds…Hopedale Lagoon.

If you like what you see, send me an email at cblades@wafb.com or if you are looking to do a little kayak fishing I’m always looking for a fishing buddy.  Tight lines ya’ll.